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It's been a while and then some

Päivitetty: 27. elok. 2020

I promised to update my blog regularly, but life happens and gets in the way of things. But I decided to do this update to share some things about my latest project from February.

In February I created election video for Sami Säynevirta to help him get to Finnish Parliament (spoiler alert! My video didn't help him get enough votes.) We filmed the video in a few hours on a wet winter day. We wanted to have a bit sun in the video, but in the end, grey winter weather helped video, since Sami talked about climate and nature, and how it is in peril. Here are a couple of frames from the video.

Our aim was to create this simple yet cinematic video, where the focus is on what Sami says and not in the actual visuals in the video. Visuals were there more to evoke certain feelings and work as a backdrop for his words. And of course, we wanted to show who is talking. I think the video came up nicely, slow motion and moody colors with that weather really helped to create this sense of dread and hope, something needs to happen. I spent quite long with color grading to really make it look like I saw it in my head. All in all, it was a fun video to create, right up to my alley, especially with the dogs. Here is the video and see ya in the next post!

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