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Something new

Päivitetty: 31. lokak. 2020

So this is the first post in my blog. I decided to start posting here, hopefully regularly and I will keep it a bit more personal than just your basic professional blog. Because like in my work, I always try to inject a little bit of myself in everything I do.

This blog will be a mixture of things:

Updates on visual projects I have done and behind-the-scenes content.

Explain why some projects have been done the way they are.

Personal projects I have done for my personal Youtube page, like tutorials.

Sharing my views of the visual field.

I just got laid off from my current job as a marketing designer. So I figured what better time to start sharing my thoughts on subjects I'm passionate about? When one door closes, usually the next one opens. I hope anyone who reads this blog can comment and ask anything they want. I'm always ready for conversations with people who are interested. So see you in the next post, where I will share the latest from projects.

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